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Havana People was founded in 2015 in Wales, you can see all our loved memories and videos that have been stored since the beginning on the Youtube channel. Please hit the link below to check them out, if you enjoy our videos – please put a LIKE and write a comment!
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Performances and dancing around the world

You can find on our Youtube channel our performances featuring Mariano y Rhi from various events, music performances and social dancing performances for Cuban Salsa and Bachata. Bringing dance around Italy, Cardiff and other places around the world!

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Dance Tutorials- Routines, Steps, Tips & Tricks

Find multiple playlists for Cuban Salsa and Bachata dancing steps, routines and extra tips to improve your dancing, use as a reminder or learn from home, ranging from Beginners steps and routines to intermediate and above, check out our short tutorials under 1min to see all the dancing possibilities and variations. We also have playlists divided for levels of dance (grade 1, grade 2 etc) for Cuban Salsa or Bachata. Check out the ladies or men’s solo steps and styling, or routines in couple. Leave us a comment and tell us what moves or tips you’d like to see next! 

Videos from Havana People Classes

Curious about our classes and workshops?
Check out our videos on our channel of our students and classes – it is our pride and joy to also show you our student showcases and performances which we choreograph and teach in Cardiff. Find out when to sign up or click here to register directly for CARDIFF (UK) dance classes.

Havana People Events!

Videos from our super popular events in South Wales, UK, and other events. 
Join us at Revolucion de Cuba Cardiff – every THURSDAY night from 10pm – 1am for the BEST Salsa Party in Wales, hosted by Havana People, multi-award winning dance school & events. Check out more details

Music Playlists with our FAV tracks!

You can find numerous playlists with our favourite tracks to dance to from the most awesome Latin bands and artists – we thought about YOU and sorted the music into categories for you to practice to, from slow to fast paced, or try our cool mix of party mood music for you to enjoy while you get ready – or want to groove out while you’re washing up or cleaning your room (like we do!) Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton and more! If you like one of them – make sure subscribe and save it to your favourites!


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