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Havana People was founded in 2015 in Wales, you can see all our loved memory and videos that have been stored since the begin on the Youtube channel. So you can hit the link below to check them out, if you enjoy a video – please put a LIKE and write a comment! Your “like” not only helps support our channel, but it will help us see which videos you prefer the most – so we can can give you MORE of that stuff!

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Playlists with our FAV tracks!

You can find numerous playlists with our favourite tracks to dance to from the most awesome Latin bands – we thought about YOU and sorted the music into categories for you to practice to from slower to fast paced workout, OR we have some easy listening for chilling around in the sun – or a cool mix of party mood music for you to enjoy while you get ready – or want to groove out while you’re washing up or cleaning your room (like we do!) Salsa, Bachata, Reggaeton and more!

If you like one of them – make sure subscribe and save it to your favourites!

Performance, Videos from Classes + Events!

You will also find our performances featuring Mariano y Rhi from various events, we also upload the Salsa/Bachata routines we teach in each class every week if you want to revisit the moves you learnt or discover ones you missed!

Our pride and joy is to also show you our student showcases and performances which we choreography, or maybe you want to check out what Rueda de Casino is – you can find it here!

Maybe you’re curious about what our classes look like or want to check out one of our venues/socials and events you will be able to see real and dated footage (note: all our own personally filmed videos!)

Free Lessons - learn to dance at home!

During the Covid-19 Pandemic – we have been inspired to come to you via technology to teach you to dance from the safety and comfort of your home!

You can find lessons of Cuban Salsa and Bachata on our channel, right from the TOTAL BEGINNER level so whether you’re alone or with a partner, each step for follower and leader is demonstrated and practiced separately by each of us and after put together with a partner when we teach how to lead the steps and how to receive these leads with and from your partner.

Remember, practice makes perfect, and practicing with different dance partners is essential before you attempt to dance in a social atmosphere!

You can also join our Havana People live Zoom Classes here during Covid-19 we are providing completely free lessons coming live to you to learn solo routines to keep moving and continue learning while we can’t be dancing in person. Mondays and Wednesdays 7:30pm UK time, in Bachata and Cuban Salsa. These classes are intended for solo dancers only.

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