Dance Artists: Daniel y Desiree

dance artists bachata daniel y desiree

Dance Artists – Bachata Daniel y Desiree Who Are They? Daniel y Desiree are arguably the world’s most famous and important Bachata dance couple at the moment, performing at the […]

Top 5 Salsa Movies you must watch!

top 5 salsa movies you have to watch

Top 5 Salsa Movies you have to Watch! Salsa, Latin fusion & more Salsa! With a little extra time at home during LOCKDOWN – we came up with a list […]

What is Bachata? Music, History & Styles

what is bachata music dance blog uk

History, Culture and Dance What is Bachata? Find out what Bachata is, understand the different styles, the music and the history behind it and how it’s evolved over the years. […]