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Social Dance Withdrawals....

...and how to cope!

Dance Withdrawals. A sad period during which your body and soul reacts to the lack of dancing in your life after years of classes, sore muscles, soul feeding and other dance related awesomeness.

Feeling down lately? Are you missing that regular social hit from the salsa party, or seeing your dance family every week in class?

Perhaps you are having what we are calling “withdrawal symptoms”, here are some tips to help you through until we are back to normal!

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1. Lessons Online (Solo & Partners)

An affordable and safe way to continue dancing through the pandemic is to join classes online via Zoom or similar platforms, all you need is internet connection and a device like a phone, tablet or computer. Many dance studios are transferring their classes online, and many range from FREE to £5 or higher. Havana People are holding free lessons online.

Dancing in solo classes is highly recommended as it’s a brilliant way to improve all aspects of your dancing as you don’t have a partner to rely on, things like styling, balance and confidence.

2. Private Dance Lessons

If group dance classes are not available in your area, but you really want to start or want to continue lessons, get in touch with your local teacher or studio to see if private lessons are still going on. I can assure you that smile will appear back on your face and withdrawals will be gone, you can even attend private lessons online for solo or partner classes to help you enjoy and feel the benefits of dance. 

A safe way to dance in a controlled environment, you can attend with your partner or by yourself and learn at your own pace with flexible booking times to suit you. (Book here in for private classes ONLINE or in South Wales)

3. Go Deeper into Dance...

While we think of dance mostly as actually making movements, there is another side to it and we can spend the extra time we have now educating ourselves about that deeper side! We are talking about history and development of dance, as well as watching and researching artists and their personal styles. And we live in an age now that there are so many different resources at our fingertips that you can use to learn about dance and even how to improve (even on your own)!


Combat those withdrawals with Youtube videos, dance blog websites, instagram, podcasts, video discussions/demonstrations, as well as live feeds on facebook and so many more that you can watch, read and listen to while you have extra time.

Add a deeper element to your dancing by learning about the history of you favourite dance, you can check out the popular trends of the moment, or follow all the famous dance artists throughout time. 

Get in the know and impress your friends with your extensive dance knowledge! 

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4. Stay Social (but in a safe way)

Another way to kick dance withdrawals includes checking in with your dance family, although you might not be seeing each other every week in class or at the social party night, you can still keep in touch and develop your relationships outside of dance hall even further. And don’t forget about your teachers – they miss you just as much and would love to hear from you! 


We all know that being social is essential for your health and should not suffer during a period without dancing, you can set up video chat and grab a drink, have a dance and enjoy some your favourite Latin music together. You might be able to form a “bubble” of 2 or more people that you can practice with and enjoy a dance or two at home.

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5. Practice in your "Bubble"

Get together with your friends to form what is known now as a “bubble” – a group of people who you trust to have close contact with (and in this case dance with), people you trust to be sensible and are actively aware of shielding themselves from any chances of contracting Covid-19. 

In this bubble you are able to take lessons online that require partners, take some private lessons together, or simply just enjoy dancing and being social. 

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