Salsa Classics you can’t go without!

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The Best Oldschool Salsa Music Classics Have you heard all of these salsa music classics? Listen below to our pick of the best Salsa Music Classics that are still loved […]

Commonly Asked Questions of Dance Teachers

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Commonly Asked Questions of Dance Teachers Curious about dance and Latin Dance styles? 1. You teach dance…Is it a real job though? Actually yes! We even pay our taxes like […]

Cuban Salsa & the Saints: Chango

Chango Cuban Salsa and the Saints Havana People dance blog

Dance & Santeria Chango: God of Thunder Chango (or Shango) is one of the Orishas in the Santeria and Yoruba culture of Cuba, passed on to the next generation aurally […]

Social Dance Withdrawals & How to Cope!

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Social Dance Withdrawals…. …and how to cope! Dance Withdrawals. A sad period during which your body and soul reacts to the lack of dancing in your life after years of […]

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Havana People Mailing List Subscribe to our Newsletter Subscribe * indicates required Email Address * First Name * Last Name * Birthday / ( mm / dd ) Choose your […]

Dance Artists: Jesus Aponte

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Dance Artists – Salsa Jhesus Aponte Who is he? Jhesus Aponte, two time World Salsa Champion, a “salsero” from birth, born in Puerto Rico – he came from a family […]