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Private Lessons

Our lessons are unique in the UK for providing quality lessons that make dancing easier to learn, using a combination of different learning styles, dance technique, history and body movement. 

Private lessons are perfect for the student who is nervous to take their first few steps, or for the student who already dances and wants to rapidly improve their level. Each class is designed around each student and their learning style and goals.

Couples and individuals welcome. You can split the cost with a partner, or if you are an individual you will be provided the appropriate partner (i.e. leader or follower) as one of your teachers. Classes are relaxed and focused on your development.

Discounts and packages are available for block bookings.

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Cuban Salsa

Cuban Salsa was born for dancing socially and without choreography, meaning each movement is made in the moment. In our private classes you will learn the steps of salsa, how to dance with a partner including the signals for leading or following and dance routines to do with your partner on the dance floor. You will also learn a little about the music and the meaning behind the steps. 


For advanced dancers, will can focus on technique, developing personal style, advanced routines – including any of your personal goals. (Lessons for teachers are available, please contact us directly for a quote.)


Bachata is often described as an intimate dance, that is usually a little slower than the high energy salsa. In our lessons we teach a fusion or modern bachata, focused on steps and routines that enable you do dance with anyone who knows the basics of bachata, with partner leading or following techniques and tips, and strong foundations.

We will also teach a little about the various styles of bachata and the differences between them. If you know you’d like to learn one style particularly (e.g. Dominican bachata), please let us know when you get in contact. A partner is recommended only for very advanced dancers.


Of course, we are here to help you out!

Click the “Book Now” button below you will be taken to the “private lessons calendar” where you can choose your time slot and take a look at our packages to see which packages suits you. 

If you would like to discuss any alternatives or any other questions please get in touch on +44 7341493551.

Classes are based in Cardiff.

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Now - Private Lessons are going Online

Since the 2020 pandemic – Havana People have transferred some classes online – you can now learn from the comfort and safety of your home – check out our Valentine’s Day gift card deals. Not only will you be learning to dance, but you will also be supporting a small business and a dream.

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