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We all miss our social dances – HOWEVER Havana People are here for you with Live Zoom classes are here to keep you dancing, even while you’re at home. Classes are completely free and NO PARTNER NEEDED – all levels welcome! Grab a drink and let’s dance!

40 mins fun sized sessions in either Cuban Salsa or Bachata or body movement, plus you have lady and mens styling variations from Mariano and Rhi.

Learn a short solo choreography to keep you moving, happy and healthy!

How to join: Check our Calendar schedule and when it’s time scroll down this page and click on the Zoom – Live Class button (to the right there is a video guide step-by-step). Don’t forget you can stay up to date by joining us on our facebook page and our Havana People exclusive facebook group!


REMEMBER: If you join late you could be locked out of the class!


Practice alone is the best kind of practice! WHY?

Well alone you have to work on your balance instead of relying on a partner, you will also improve coordination and muscle memory and mind-body connection. Plus you’ll pick up some styling tips which will give you extra confidence to show off back on the dancefloor

How to join us on Zoom

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Live Class with Havana People

All Classes Online will be available on next week 26/10/20 due urgent situation.

We really sorry,

Regards Mariano and Rhian – Havanapeople Team

You can show your support by clicking the button below and you can donate any amount of your choice to Havana People during this difficult time.

We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor very soon! For now let’s have fun on Zoom!

Thanks in advance!



Mariano and Rhian

Havana People Salsa and Bachata Wales 

Friday 16 oct @ 8:00pm London Time

or Manual

Meeting ID : 718 2148 6814

Password : y0NFjv

Every WEDNESDAY @ 7:30pm London Time

or Manual

Meeting ID : 772 7353 0481

Password : 7bX0Ez

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