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Episode 6: Choosing your level

Yes! We have joined the podcasting world where we talk about all things Latin dance related and here is episode no. 6!


This week we’ll be chatting about Choosing your level – each teacher and school has their own definitions of levels: beginners, improvers, intermediate, OR level 1, level 2, etc – tips on how to make sure you’re in the right class. Also why it’s important to respect the different levels and the best way to improve your classes, your level and the dance community! 


Remember the levels are essentially just words, everyone needs to assess their own level and growth as you develop and always stay humble to your class mates and colleagues.


So grab your coffee and settle in!

Who are Havana People Sound?

Coming to you from our home studio (basically just our desk)! We have the Latin social dances close to our hearts and we will be focusing on all things dance related – from music, tips of styling, dance goals, recovery and practice, dance community, improvement culture and history, choosing your level, guest speakers, as well as important topics relating to the news and the world we live in.


Our podcast is designed for easy listening along with your coffee or tea (or maybe a glass of wine ;), have a laugh or learn something new, combining a education, experience and a little entertainment.

We also want to hear from you! If you have any contributions you’d like to make or requests we are happy to include them!

Havana People Sound – you will be hearing the voices of Mariano & Rhi, with some gorgeous music underneath to keep that Latin mood. 

We thought during Covid-19 would be the perfect time to start while we are still restricted from our dancing activities, so this podcast won’t replace the action of going out dancing, but hopefully it will ease the suffering until we are back!


We will be using our experience and dance/music educations to talk to you about dancing, this podcast is for all styles of dance but is more focused on the social dances (Salsa and Bachata) especially in the whole of the UK, we want to continue building and supporting the Latin dance community!


PLUS we will be including some dancers and teachers as guests to discuss upcoming events and other topics – if you are a dance teacher or event host we’d love to hear from you, please get in touch here.


For our listeners, you can get the latest updates, chance for prizes and please contact us on facebook or comment below if you have a topic you’d like to hear about!

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