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Cardiff Life Awards 2022 Havana People Salsa classes and events Wales

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Cardiff Life Awards

Havana People Salsa are over the moon to announce we are included as a FINALIST in the 2022 Cardiff Life Awards.

Our dance classes for young adults and events have made an impact on Cardiff, and the Latin dance craze is continuing to grow with over 100 new students joining us every 6 weeks, not to mention our regular free social dance events where you can dance, enjoy a drink and mix with new friends!

Dance adds a positive element to your life, not only does in help with fitness, it’s also good for the mind, soul and social opportunities. Havana People – Mariano and Rhi have been working hard throughout Covid to develop awareness to the positive benefits of Salsa and dance to your life. 

Our unique teaching method and 6 week dance courses not only introduces new people to the world of dance, but keeps them dancing for longer, with proper structure and technique development so that each dancer enjoys the experience to the max!

We are looking forward to the Awards ceremony on the 31st March 2022 at Cardiff Town Hall.

Check out what all the excitement is about - join our classes and events here

Havana People 6 week dance courses in Cardiff – Salsa and Bachata. 

Learn from professional, fun, award-winning teachers in a beautiful studio location in Cardiff.

Havana People classes are UNIQUE in Wales – being the only Latin dance school to run progressive courses in Salsa and Bachata, bond to the deep roots of this dance culture, and provide a teacher for both sides of the couple (leader & follower). Our course plan develops our student on many different levels during their learning process which are reflected in all parts of life – learn a sense of discipline through dance, connect with your body, connect with your partner, live in the moment – be challenged and feel a sense of achievement!

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