Dance Artists: Jesus Aponte

jhesus aponte, dance artist salsa choreographer

Dance Artists – Salsa Jhesus Aponte Who is he? Jhesus Aponte, two time World Salsa Champion, a “salsero” from birth, born in Puerto Rico – he came from a family […]

Dance Artists: Daniel y Desiree

dance artists bachata daniel y desiree

Dance Artists – Bachata Daniel y Desiree Who Are They? Daniel y Desiree are arguably the world’s most famous and important Bachata dance couple at the moment, performing at the […]

Dance Artists: Wilmer y Maria

Wilmer y Maria Dance Artists Cuban Salsa

Dance Artists – Cuban Salsa Wilmer y Maria Who are they? Wilmer y Maria are a unique and iconic dance duo in the Salsa world, combining their training in Afro-rumba, […]

Fernando Sosa – Portorican Salsa Dancer

Fernando Sosa, Best Portorican Salsa Dancer

Fernando Sosa – Puerto rican Salsa Dancer One of the best Cross-Body Dancers in the World! Song – Comenzo la Rumba (feat. Jose Alberto “el Canario” Artist- Rodry-Go! Album – […]