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Conan O'Brian learns to dance Salsa!

Watch the first Episode on Netflix of his travels in Cuba

The amazing Conan O’Brian goes in Cuba to learn about the Cuban culture. The his awkward personality will make you laugh for the entire video!!



One of the most important cultural activity, of course, is CUBAN SALSA, and Conan couldn’t resist to participate in an actual group lesson of Cuban Salsa, where he is going to show the his “Secrets Moves”.



The video is part of his Conan Without Borders – the first episode is “Cuba” – you can see the full season on Netflix and we personally suggest you to watch the entire Season! He travels around the world to some very famous cities to learn about their culture, food and situation.




Conan O'Brian goes in Cuba and learns Salsa dance

The full episode and season is on NETFLIX!

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