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Our group classes are ideal for a busy lifestyle, you can find the perfect class to suit you in both styles of Cuban salsa or bachata. In the lessons you will learn to social dance salsa or bachata, including techniques in leading and following, styling for ladies and men, musicality and interpretation, freestyle Latin dance routines, as well as an authentic cultural understanding of the music and the dance.
No need to bring a partner, and if you’re a beginner, that’s great!
Benefits include: Improved coordination, posture and fitness, experience weight loss, meet new people (great social aspect), build body confidence and have tonnes of fun!
Styles include: Cuban salsa, Afro-Rumba, Rueda de Casino, and Bachata Sensual/Dominican/Standard.
All classes are taught by the Havana People Salsa team who are fully trained from certified Latin dance academies and Dancesport societies in Europe, including diplomas in “Latin leading”, “Latin dance”, and “Salsa, Bachata, and Merengue”.
If you struggle to make the class dates, you can always catch up or go ahead with our flexible timetable for private classes where you can move at your own pace and learn in even more detail how to look amazing and feel confident on the dance floor. Find out more information about our private classes HERE.

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