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Beginner Salsa Courses

Learn to Dance with Havana People! Beginners Welcome!

***Classes are CURRENTLY POSTPONED due to Covid-19 until further notice. Keep an eye out on our site to see when we are back!

Ever wanted to dance, but think you have two left feet? Maybe you tried a different style of dance before and it just didn’t stick? Or perhaps you’ve always admired the dancing shows on TV – well, now is the time to learn!


Join our friendly, fun & energetic salsa classes and discover you can dance!

Immerse yourself in the rhythms of Latin America and get those feet moving by joining our Beginner Salsa Courses for adults. We guide you from your first steps to the dance floor! Plus you can join our Social dance evenings and parties where you can practice and mingle!

Choose the perfect class for YOU!

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Learn more about the Havana People team, Mariano & Rhi

What are the classes like?

Classes take place for one hour, each class you will learn a new step and practice with your partner the steps, but also learning how to understand the leading and following signals so that you can dance on the dance floor on your own!

We start with a gentle body warm up and then split into “leaders” and “followers”.

Mariano and Rhi will lead the classes, teaching the men’s steps we have Mariano and the ladies are taught by Rhi. After, you will join with a partner to learn how to dance these steps together.

Do I need a partner?

As Salsa is a “social” dance, during the class we will repeatedly switch partners so everyone will have a turn to dance with a different partner. Of course you are welcome to bring a partner if you have one, there is a good mix of people with and without partners, so everyone will get to dance.

Check out our video directly from our classes in Cardiff city centre! See more here.

Our courses are designed to get you dancing on the dance floor quickly, confidently and with style!

When can I start? - Beginner Courses

We start NEW BEGINNER SALSA COURSE every 6-8 weeks, so if you miss the start of a course, it will be just a short wait before you can start a new beginner course in your chosen venue. You can book with a ticket or turn up on the day.

While we are not totally strict on attendance, this is why we do NOT accept new students in the middle of a course. This is because our courses are unique in the UK and are similar to a European structured class. It is also important to us that everyone learns the steps.


The cut off to join our classes is by the second class, this is also relevant to those who have danced before as well, however if you believe you are more advanced or have some experience in Cuban Salsa, please contact us and we are happy to discuss where you will fit in with our classes. Click on the buttons below to find the start date of your best class location.

Book a Private Class

Private lessons are fantastic because they are tailored to your exact needs, if you feel shy to start in the group classes and would like a head start – book a class with us, we teach Salsa and Bachata in Cardiff. You can bring your own partner OR if you don’t have one we provide a partner (lady or man) to dance and learn with. 

The Perfect Gift

Gift an experience for birthdays, celebrations or Christmas – gift a choice of 4, 6 or 8 salsa classes to your chosen person. Salsa dance is a wonderful skill to have with huge benefits of fitness, socialising and more! These are available in Cardiff, Newport and Penarth – you can get a great deal for purchasing a group of lessons at a time!

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More Advanced Levels

We are holding more advanced classes in the hours after our Beginners courses – if you would like to attend these classes, please contact us directly by email or phone and speak to us about which level you think you could be. Each teacher and course defines “levels” in different ways, so we prefer that our students at least complete 6 weeks of the Beginners course, so that we know we are on the same page.

Learn Bachata with us

Bachata – the sister dance of Salsa in the social, a slower and more sensual contrast to Salsa – is a must have to fully enjoy the Latin dance parties! Originating from the Dominican Republic and evolved to dance with modern music, you can learn Bachata with us on Mondays in Cardiff! Beginners welcome!

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