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Bachata Dance Cardiff

Learn to dance with Havana People

Join our 6 Week Bachata Dance Cardiff Course in a dance studio – Limited spaces!


Learn to dance in safety and have FUN with Havana People with Mariano and Rhian!

  • Learn in Safety
  • Beautiful Studio location
  • Meet new People
  • Stay Fit
  • Learn a New Skill
  • Professional and Fun Classes
  • For Completely Beginners and Advanced Levels

Bachata Dance – originating from the Dominican Republic and danced entirely in couple, this dance is usually the more relaxed of the two style of music played at the Salsa parties in Cardiff. 


In the early levels our classes include a mix of Bachata Dance Standard and Sensual, we teach in Cardiff, Wales proper Latin leading and following skills – which means you will be able to with anyone and you will be able to dance spontaneously, without a choreography.

If you want learn more about Bachata Dance Cardiff you can click HERE for more Videos and Pictures

What will I learn...

On our Bachata Dance Cardiff courses, you will will learn the fundamentals of Bachata music and steps. You will also learn how to dance with a partner – that means how to interpret the signals given by your partner, this is called leading and following. Understanding these basics will help you to dance with any partner without any choreography. 


As you advance to a higher level, you will learn longer and more advanced routines that usually involve dips, body waves and more!

Bachata Dance Cardiff Wales with Havana People Mariano and Rhian

Do I need a partner?

The answer is NO!

If you have one, that’s great, bring him or her along, on our courses you have the option to stay together for the class. If you don’t have a partner – don’t worry – we are able to pair you up in the courses, each class has even numbers so that everyone always has a partner.


As Bachata Dance is one of the Latin “social” dances, we encourage but as you progress in the future to an advanced level (especially for Sensual Bachata style) we suggest a regular partner to train to develop a unique connection when you dance together.

Check out more on our Youtube Channel!

Private Lessons Bachata Dance Cardiff

Private Bachata Dance Cardiff Lessons

Private Bachata dance lessons allow each student to learn to dance at their own pace with flexible scheduling, each class is based on the needs and goals of the student and provide extra tips and technique to accelerate your learning! Great for nervous first timers or advanced dancers, join by yourself, no partner need! Suitable for Couples as well! 


  • We are based in Cardiff, Wales, venue and Address will be sent you after the purchase! 
  • All levels are welcome – including complete beginners!
  • Flexible Time : you can contact us on any platform to schedule your private class on a suitable time for both party.
  • 1 Hour: Every class booked include 1 hour session duration. 
  • Partner Included:  Don’t have a partner, but want to learn to dance? Don’t worry, a partner will be provided for your lessons. By taking your lesson with one of our teachers you will ensure that your learning process is smooth and based solely on your schedule!
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