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Learn to Dance Bachata Cardiff

***All Classes are currently suspended until further notice due to Covid-19, we will be back when it is safe to do so. Keep an eye on this page or head to our facebook page to get notifications

We are hoping to be back with all of our new and current students in September.

You can keep up to date with notifications from our facebook page as to when we are back.

Join our free weekly Bachata classes every Monday 7:30pm (London Time), or contact us for private classes or online Zoom private classes.

Join our fun and romantic Bachata dance classes that are held every week on Monday Revolucion de Cuba, Cardiff. Our classes are for all ages 18+ 

Bachata – the sister dance accompanying any good Salsa Party.

A dance originating from the Dominican Republic and danced entirely in couple, this dance is the slower and more sensual contrast to the high energy and Salsa.


Our classes include a mix of Dominican steps, Bachata sensual and fusion. 


If you want learn more about Bachata you can click HERE for more Videos and Pictures


What will I learn?

During our Bachata dance classes, you will will learn the fundamentals of Bachata music and steps. You will also learn how to dance with a partner – that means how to interpret the signals given by your partner, this is called leading and following. Understanding these basics will help you to dance with any partner without any choreography. 


As you advance to a higher level, you will learn longer and more advanced routines that usually involve dips, body waves and more!

Details of the class

When: Every Monday

Time: 7:30pm – 8:30pm (1 hour class) 

Where: Revolucion de Cuba Cardiff

How much: £7

What to wear: Casual clothes or active wear, shoes with a smooth sole (flat or with a heel to your preference).

Do I need a partner?

The answer is NO!

If you have one, that’s great, bring him or her along, if not that is perfectly fine. As Bachata is one of the Latin “social” dances, we switch partners during the class to ensure everyone has a turn and allow you to feel what it’s like to dance with different people. 

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What are the Benefits of dancing Bachata

Meet new people and have fun!

Dancing Bachata is fantastic for meeting new people, plus with the romantic energy and warm rhythmic music it is guaranteed to put you in a great mood and give you great confidence!


While you’re having fun, you will also be improving your posture, balance and coordination, you will also be working all muscle groups and improving your fitness levels. Bachata dancing is also a stress-reliever and can help you build long-lasting and strong relationships and friendships!

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